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COVID-19 has changed the way we carried out our work. Most of us had to work from home or from a distant location. The challenging period has forced us to adjust our work routine to manage the barriers of a team working from a remote place and collaborating using the technological tools available. Work from home has become a norm, and companies let the current employees take that option.

It is where we need the power of technology to overcome the challenges of this trend. Microsoft office 365 provides a powerful option to manage the team using various cloud-based software to make collaboration incredibly easy. IT Solutions offers genuine Microsoft office 365 solutions to help companies to manage their work efficiently.

Office 365 comes as a bundle of different tools that offer plenty of advantages for companies that need an agile remote working culture.IT solutions offers you microsoft office system in dubai. The office applications of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote are the best of them all. It supports cross-platform integration and is compatible with most operating systems. The email hosting feature offers a storage space of 50 GB and supports custom domain email addresses. The online meeting option supports up to 250 people, and it offers 1 GB of OneDrive Storage. Call us if you need one.

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